Frances Fox (shaman, psychic, and intuitive) shares these mantras that we should silently repeat dozens of times a day to break through various blocks that weaken our energy field. You should perform them as mental affirmations, putting your intention into healing and liberating yourself. They can also be done for sick people, focusing on their benefit rather than your own.

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Purification Mantras

  • "Even though I am afraid, I love and accept myself."
  • "Even though my heart is broken, I love and accept myself."

Intention Mantras

  • "Please, God, help me with my intention to stay healthy."
  • "Please, God, protect everyone in my family."

OM Mantra

  • The sound of OM opens and energizes your intentional channel. Chant the OM mantra as often and as much as you can.

Forbearance and Holistic Healing Mantras

  • "Even though I want to die, I love and accept myself."
  • "Even though I am sick, I love and accept myself."

Self-Forgiveness Mantras

  • "Even though I am a liar, I love and accept myself."
  • "Even though I mistreat myself, I love and accept myself."

Prosperity Mantras

  • "Even though I don't know how, I let go and trust."
  • "Even though I worry, I love and accept myself."
  • "Even though I felt envy, I love and accept myself."


By nature, the strings of your mind tend to generate compulsive thoughts and initially resist doing the exercises, and you may have a tendency to "forget" them.

1. Use a rosary or a Buddhist Mala to anchor your intention to do the mantra repetitions.

2. Use post-it notes on your bathroom mirror or next to your bed to remind you of the mantras.

3. You can do the purification mantra during routine tasks, such as washing your hair, cooking dinner, cleaning your house, or exercising.

4. Pay attention to how you feel before doing the mantras and then after the mantras. Compare the difference and write your conclusions in your Personal Transformation Log.